We had a new roof put on the house recently. It isn’t like getting a kitchen remodeled. Nothing fancy or glamorous, but it had to be done. There are before and after photos, but a roof is a roof. Living on the mountain, we have a window in the spring/summer to get a repair completed like this. This means that we will be ready for the wet and snowy season that comes in the winter. Now we have completed most of the major projects.

Old Roof
New roof

May 2020

We are excited about the coming year. We are doing many things on the property that will improve things over time. Our neighbor mentioned putting an insert in the fireplace. I wish we had thought of it earlier. The plan is to have that installed by the end of summer.

photo of gas fireplace insert

That allows us to get rid of the wall heater. That will allow us to fully utilize the front of the house during the colder mornings and colder months.

By getting this project completed in the summer, it gives us time to patch the wall and paint the living room by end of summer.

In June we are having a new roof put on the house. This will be a major step towards getting the critical maintenance jobs completed. Now we will work on the remodeling of the house and plan for other upgrades. Things we have on the list are upgrading the electrical service, replacing the sewer line (preventative), putting a tankless water heater in the house. Completing those steps will allow us to put a deck on the back of the house next Spring!

Once that is completed, then a doorway onto the back deck will be added.

All of this will allow us to create a space that allows us to age in place. When David was taking kitchen design courses, this was a topic that was mentioned. Often people seeking to remodel their home were also hoping to invest in creating a space that would continue to function for them as they aged. This is what we are doing.

David has been working hard on getting the flower gardens in shape. He has also been working on getting the vegetable gardens ready. I will let him write you about all of these changes.

existing fireplace

From: Dalton

Eating an elephant

I struggle with all the things we have left to accomplish to complete the renovation. We are now at a step in the process that feels overwhelming at times.

For the first time in this remodeling, I feel the tasks ahead may be too much. I allow that feeling; then I look at one small section or job to focus on doing.

There is a lot left to do; I need to remember all that we have done.

Rear Wall taking shape

rearwallWe have been working the last few weeks to get the rear wall completed.  It is nice to get a major part of the exterior remodeled.  Above is the way it started out.


Window has been put in and flashing in place.


Rear wall has been wrapped.  Maddie (one of our dogs) is inspecting the work.  David excited about his new window in his future art studio.  The last photo is on a cloudy rainy day here in Tehachapi.



Two chairs are done.  There are some park benches left.  These chairs were a gift from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Nat.  A few weeks ago we had friends and family in the backyard for a picnic.  We had people bring their own chairs.  Soon we will have an abundance of seating choices in the backyard.


Mainly all we do now is water the garden. Water and wait.  In a few weeks everything will begin to produce vegetables.  There are other projects that keep us busy. I have discovered that David enjoys renovating and restoring.

This weekend we took this:

And turned it into:

And we aren’t done, just ran out of time. There are two adirondack chairs and an ottoman left to do next weekend. As well as three park benches. The pink bowl on the right is for Maddie, Rupert, and Garfield.

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