Tomato plant

This is one of three tomato plants. One of the others is thriving. One is being nursed back from a wilt. Soon another one gets planted. Just over 100 days until the first frost. Tomato plants have a 70 to 80 day cycle to reach maturity. The one that gets planted soon will be the last one for the season. 


Worm factory set up in a spot is the yard with the most shade throughout the day. The four clear plastic containers are to keep the ants from getting to the worms.  They ideally should be kept between 40º and 80º.

That will be a challenge.  A heat wave is coming, starting tomorrow.  So I will be working hard during the afternoons to figure out the best ways to keep them cool.  I have decided a number of different things to try.  Freezing the kitchen scraps, placing a wet burlap bag over the container, freezing sheets of water soaked cardboard and putting it on top of the wet newspaper inside.  Last resort will be placing frozen water bottles inside the tray to cool it off (only on half, so the worms can choose how close to be).  All these options and checking the soil temperature inside the worm factory during the hottest part of the day.


I have learned that failure is part of success.  In my visit this morning to see the garden, I was testing the moisture level.  I poked the meter through something under the ground.  I brought up a seed pod I had put in the ground weeks ago.  I dug around and found another.

They are not going to produce.  I tried to start from seed indoors and move them into the garden later.  I had not done enough research.  I went ahead and tried it.  Now I have a better knowledge of how to keep this from happening next time.  If I had not tried it, I would not have failed.


On 10 July 2016, David transplanted two lilac bushes.  Below is a photo of one from the 12th.


Yes, it looks like a stick planted between two rocks.  Days later the green buds dropped off.  But today, new leaves are beginning to spout on those sticks.  That is great news! They survived the transplanting!




I know its hard to notice in the photo.  There is a small green spout in the bottom left corner.  There are others.  In time I’ll have another update.

The big brown open area in the top right background is where the greenhouse was.  We picked it up and moved it. Now it is where the driveway used to be, next to the corn.  A yard/garden overview is coming soon.

Tough Corn

True enough, most of the corn survived. This kind of surprised me. This section of the backyard is tough. 

Once upon a time, this was the driveway. To the left of the corn is where the gate used to be. On the other side of the fence is the curb cut to the street. 

After both working for weeks to prepare the soil, David eventually had to use the claw of a claw hammer to break the ground up. 

There is also a watermelon plant in the top right of the photo between the corn rows. 

This section will not be used for planting again. A storage shed will take this spot this winter. 

Sunflowers & Marigolds & PUMPKINS!

This part of the yard will be sunflowers and marigolds. This past week has been about getting the soil ready in the bed.

The seeds have been sown. This is close to a break for planting. Now the focus will be on cultivating and taking care of what has been planted.

Mornings will be spent giving a visit and overview to everything. During the middle of the day, planning the next planting. Early evenings enjoying the garden.

It’s 100 days until the first frost. Slowly plans for the green house begin to come into focus.  Composting continues, amending the soil, and bringing the soil back to life – all will continue through July into August.

One of the reminders that first frost is coming and when I plant outdoors is this:

The pumpkin seeds have germinated. When I plant outdoors in the soil now I have to think about the growth cycle for the plant. The pumkins should be ready by October 15th.

Hot Saturday 

Only worked this morning on gardens. Whenever David and I are outside, two out of three pets are nearby. 

Maddie is easy to find – she stays very near

In her shady spot, watching
Garfield seems to like to be near, but very shaded, between us and the door, tummy warmed by the heat radiating from a stepping stone 

He won’t move until he hears the door open. 
Where is Rupert? He will come out in the beginning, may come out and check on things periodically, but he will often go back through the pet door, go get in his warm bed in the cooler house and nap. 

Butterfly Bush

This is in the front yard. It is one plant out of many. David is amazing with the flowers in the front yard. I was sitting outside on the front porch and saw butterflies on the butterfly bush. 

It is not my only favorite flower in the front yard. It did stand out today.