Stay Warm

Many people have a routine. The one I have is usually sitting in the same chair at night. During the colder months and with the chair positioned by the window, it can get chilly.

Today I realized that putting the heated throw around the back of the chair instead of in my lap is a better option. So even though the winter wind may be blowing outside, my chair is toasty warm!

Lights away

We finished putting the lights away as well as the exterior decorations.

David re-read the script for his upcoming play. There will be auditions later this month.

One of the options we are working around is the final week of training for his job. Due to the fact that it hasn’t been scheduled yet, we are moving forward.

Last month I started volunteering with the Tehachapi Visitor Center. I have more time to do that now that I’ve completed all the paperwork to get the nonprofit established.

Probably as with most endeavors, the initial startup is the biggest hurdle. This year, fundraising begins.

The peak season begins in April, only four months away. I learned a lot last year. I’ve learned a lot in the last six months.

Moving forward

Yesterday we stored the holiday decorations.  A comment, “next year we need to get better containers to store things in, that will make it easier.”

We have a nutcracker collection.  It is growing.  We no longer count how many there are. It makes it easier I guess, not knowing how many we have.  The photo only shows a portion of the nutcrackers…



This morning I will speak in front of the GTEDC (Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council). I am giving a short update about the hiker depot (Wits’ End).  All night I tossed in bed going over topics I want to mention in my short speach.

Eating an elephant

I struggle with all the things we have left to accomplish to complete the renovation. We are now at a step in the process that feels overwhelming at times.

For the first time in this remodeling, I feel the tasks ahead may be too much. I allow that feeling; then I look at one small section or job to focus on doing.

There is a lot left to do; I need to remember all that we have done.

Rear Wall taking shape

rearwallWe have been working the last few weeks to get the rear wall completed.  It is nice to get a major part of the exterior remodeled.  Above is the way it started out.


Window has been put in and flashing in place.


Rear wall has been wrapped.  Maddie (one of our dogs) is inspecting the work.  David excited about his new window in his future art studio.  The last photo is on a cloudy rainy day here in Tehachapi.


Tehachapi is experiencing a heat wave right now.  We went to visit friends near Temeccula this past weekend.  Labor Day is coming up this next weekend.

After living here for a few years, I realize you are not able to avoid the heat.  If you do, you may end up with the blinds always closed and never leave the house.  The evenings are cool and pleasant.  That is currently the only truly enjoyable time outside.

The roof has been replaced on the house on Mojave Street.  It will survive the coming wet season.  This weekend we will begin cleaning and sorting the items stored in the house.

While it is hot outside, I have to learn to live in it.  I have to get out and do more in it.  It may not be during this current heat wave with temperatures near 100.  That will end soon and we need to get out and do as much as we can to get things cleaned up and in as good a shape as possible.  Winter is coming.

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