Wits’ End’s Garden has a life of its own!

Early morning dawn at Wits’ End

This Spring marks the tenth anniversary of the purchase of our home and the beginnings of the gardens here at Wits’ End. When the house was purchased, the yard was a vertual wasteland. Weeds, an old trumpet vine, patches of Bermuda grass, and junk dominated the whole corner lot. Around the original house at the back of the lot were some wild lilac bushes and some long neglected rose bushes. But in all this disorder all I could see was potential. I was inspired by a beautiful book I had been given about the history and restoration of Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverney. I knew I wanted an informal garden one you could stroll through, that had places to sit and contemplate and was rich in color and life. So I laid out the first Garden in the front yard in a relaxed English cottage style with curving gravel paths planting roses and iris to be the “stars.” I hunted for benches and interesting bits of yard art to add structure, texture, and function.

Over the years, two solar-powered fountains were added; A tiered Mediterranean style in the front garden and a French country style in the back garden. Both provide a soothing splash of water and give a place for birds and the occasional dog a place to get a drink. The Gardens provide refuge to all sorts of birds. Colorful finches, blue jays, black birds, sparrows, and more take a pause or make a home at Wits’ End. Like life itself there have been good years and a few bad years for the garden, but it keeps on growing and changing. This spring saw many changes in my personal life that allowed me to devote much of my free time to the gardens. Going to work early and getting off in the afternoon gave me many hours to spend on the gardens. I was able to utilize our greenhouse and begin a vegetable garden this season. The extra time allowed me to continue on irrigation projects and expand the plantings in the back yard. After all these years, the gardens have taken over our entire corner lot. They are moving into the street medians with the addition of Raywood ash trees planted in celebration and memory of friends and family. Where ever we can plant and add life and color, we do! I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the last few seasons and keep will keep you updated on changes in the Garden!

From: David

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