The title for the blog is directly from a suggestion my mother made. The reference to heathen is taken from the television sitcom Big Bang Theory.

One of the characters is from Texas. In one episode while he is home in Texas, his mother refers to California as “land of the heathen” –

The use of this phrase is intended to be comical. I love living here in California. I love gardening. My husband David has cultivated a huge beautiful flower garden in our front yard.

In addition to the garden portion of the yard there is a willow tree growing. This tree started as a few cuttings from Mama’s willow tree.

Another function of our back yard is to function as an outdoor theatre with a 12 foot diagonal screen.

This blog is mainly intended to be a journal of my journey in the land of the heathen. It will focus on my efforts to be a better gardener. Occasionally I may post about other activities. David may contribute.

Again, the title is comical.

Today happens once, be happy, be kind.


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