We have struggled with putting out a blog, video, or photo. Whether political discussions or health discussions about COVID, we have tried to make it through while not aggravating the situation with friends and family. It wasn’t that we didn’t have a perspective. It has been that we did not see a benefit in arguing with anyone about it. We see life and the world one way. That does not mean that the way we see it is the correct way. We all benefit from allowing people to express their views and ideas. If my family wants to have the option to share our opinions and thoughts, we have to be open to others sharing their views and thoughts with us. 

I have sought out and looked for something I could feel comfortable sharing with others along those lines. As we begin the year 2022, I believe I have found something. During the next six months, David and I will start a new journey to better health. A step that we are taking in that journey is changing our nutrition. During this time, we plan to document and share with you our progress. We will be open about our progress.

Part of this journey will appear physical. But we have also made changes in our spiritual lives. We sought a space for our spiritual lives to grow and change. We found that and will share more about that in the coming months.

There are things we do to try to improve mentally and spiritually. To borrow a goal from Mama – “Wear out instead of rust out.” This path isn’t a goal for this year. We do this all the time. We are choosing to share this journey during this year initially. 

As we have pushed forward with some changes, we have felt increased conflict in other parts of our lives. Some people freely share the good and bad things that happen in their world. We are choosing to go forward from this point, being open about life and the changes it brings. Life is a journey, this is our journey, and this is one outlet for us to share it. 

As time passes and life moves forward, we may change what we share and mention here. The choice now is to show you the physical changes due to a shift in our nutrition. The hope is this will be a way for us to see the changes and allow you to ask questions. It may also be the easiest to notice and share.

While this post is by Dalton, David has a chance to edit, review it, and make changes before it is shared online. He will write articles in the coming months. I am moving forward with this because of my enjoyment and what I learn from others who share their journeys online.

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