Finished fireplace insert
Before the insert

The gas insert for the fireplace has been completed. Doing this will allow us to enjoy more space in the house easier and year-round. The intention is to be able to heat the living room better at a moment’s notice.

Now we will remove the old gas wall heater, patch the wall, and start painting the walls this fall/winter.

We are weeks away from finishing the electrical upgrade. Upgrading the electric service seems to have a lot of different things in progress at one time. We are winding down the exterior projects as the cooler weather approaches.

The hope is that it decreases stress and reduces anxiety. It is exciting to see progress happening, but we can’t keep up this level of progress. While it is exciting to get a trench dug and a conduit in place in the backyard, it isn’t something you can see casually like a new curtain or rug.

The next major project will wait until sometime in the spring of 2021.

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