I briefly skimmed an article months ago. It described how important bees are to the food we eat. I had known this before but wasn’t sure how to explain it to someone.

I water part of our garden by hand every day, sometimes twice a day on sweltering days. I focus on the sidewalk gardens on the edges of our property. There are five trees planted that be we are hoping it get established over the next two seasons. Along with the trees are several lavender bushes and a white clover groundcover that is beginning to grow.

When I am out watering, there are many pollinators on the bushes. It is usually bees, but sometimes butterflies. I have seen hummingbirds on the trumpet vines. The other day a gentleman was walking by with his young daughter. She noticed the bees and began screaming in fear. Her father tried to keep her calm.

A honey bee pollinates every third bite we eat. Every THIRD bite. I understand many people are allergic to bee stings. I realize the need to be cautious. I choose not to swat or kill the bees. I am thankful the bees are here.

I have attached a short (nine-minute) video I found on Youtube.

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