Tehachapi is experiencing a heat wave right now.  We went to visit friends near Temeccula this past weekend.  Labor Day is coming up this next weekend.

After living here for a few years, I realize you are not able to avoid the heat.  If you do, you may end up with the blinds always closed and never leave the house.  The evenings are cool and pleasant.  That is currently the only truly enjoyable time outside.

The roof has been replaced on the house on Mojave Street.  It will survive the coming wet season.  This weekend we will begin cleaning and sorting the items stored in the house.

While it is hot outside, I have to learn to live in it.  I have to get out and do more in it.  It may not be during this current heat wave with temperatures near 100.  That will end soon and we need to get out and do as much as we can to get things cleaned up and in as good a shape as possible.  Winter is coming.

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