Every year

It seems to happen every year.  I come across a hiker needing a ride in from the trail.  She is often over 40.  She is often with either a brother or husband.  She didn’t know I’d be picking up hikers.  She walks up and has a look of desperation.  She looks like she would pay me every penny she has for some help and a ride into Tehachapi.  She may have fallen during her hike recently.  I bring them into town.  All they want is a comfortable hotel room for a night.

I have had to pause last night and take a deep breath.  I committed to help at the beginning of May/end of April.  June starts tomorrow.  It feels like there will be another month of hikers pushing through.  This year the region of the trail in the Sierra Mountains is full of a massive snow pack from this past winter.  Every time I take hikers back to the trail I hug them and remind them to stay safe and if they need anything to contact me.

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