Wits’ End



It has been a busy month for hiker season.  I have been mulling over the ideas for the hiker depot that will be called Wits’ End.

Howards End is a novel written by E.M. Forster in 1910.  For years David and I have referred to our place as Wits’ End.  Now with the planning of the hiker depot, we have decided to name is Wits’ End.

It will be a fluid project in terms of ideas and planning for now.  I have spoken at length with Rachel about it.  She is another trail angel who has a wonderful vision and outlook on life.  I always appreciate her input and guidance.

This week I have tried to discuss it with every hiker I encounter.  I bring up ideas and ask their input.  After years of doing this, I think I have a decent idea of how to start it initially.

First thing to offer is a mail drop. That involves having the address published in resources the hikers use, staffing the Wits’ End for the hikers to pick up packages.  That will involve some planning and organizing.  The goal is to be ready by next season.

Second thing is to get wi-fi setup.  That involves getting services restored to the structure.  I am already working on getting that accomplished.  That can be done after the first step without needing to worry about deadlines too much.  Meeting the deadlines to get published is going to take some planning.

After those things, there is a list of other items to work on that will take shape as things move forward.

  • coordinated angel/hiker transportation
  • lockers to store backpacks while waiting for motel rooms/angel hosting
  • meals prepared in yard
  • an active trail angel list for angels in Tehachapi
  • outdoor movies on weekends
  • hosting hikers from prior years to return to offer trail angel services
  • laundry and shower services
  • a map of surrounding services and establishments for hikers to enjoy


As time moves forward things should shape up better!

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