Friday Finally?

As usual, David’s alarm clock wakes me this morning.  Maddie, Rupert, and Garfield begin their parade of hunger into the kitchen in front of David.  I start to drift back to sleep.  At times the silence is interupted by either Maddie or Rupert barking and wanting to be fed before the other one.  This morning I heard Maddie cry and yelp in the backyard.  I jumped out of bed.  There was something in the backyard that spooked her.  She wasn’t hurt or harmed and stood on the back porch barking into the cool night air with her tail wagging.  It may have been a racoon.

I grab the flashlight and walk into the backyard to check things out.  Maddie follows and begins barking at the old shed in back.  There are ferral cats in the neighborhood and we think there are some in the old shed.  Soon it will be torn down and hauled off to the dump.  In the meantime, we leave the door cracked for the cats to escape when they get frightened off by Maddie.  The door is not cracked wide enough for Maddie or Rupert to enter.  If that happened I imagine a dirtyloud messy fight.

Now I’m wide awake at 4:30 AM.  I already am planning my nap later.

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