PCT 2017

I went to find hikers to help out this morning.  I didn’t find any at Willow Springs or Cameron Rd/Hwy 58.  I came home and looked around a bit on the web.  It looks like it should be any day now for the season of 2017 PCT Sobo thru hikers to start.

Pete that thru hiked last year wrote this article about trail angels for Outdoor Magazine.

In Defense of Trail Angels

I came across one hiker walking up to 58.  He said there were others up ahead.  One of the hikers is doing the PCT on horseback.  I made sure to ask if they needed anything especially in terms of taking care of the horses.  Another hiker was hanging out with them, catching a short rest before he headed on towards Kennedy Meadows.

On the way back into town I came upon two hikers (El Stevorino and BottleCaps) in front of the truck stop.  I gave them a ride into town and a short tour before taking them to the airport campground. “Pancake” was there at the campground, so I gave him a ride to re-supply before heading home for lunch.

I did one more afternoon run, it is a hot sunny day and I wanted to try to make sure no one was out trying to hitch a ride into town.  No one out in the hot afternoon so I will work some at home and then go out later at the end of the day.

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