A few weeks ago, a photo was posted showing the wall and painting it white again.  This is a few showing the conditions of the roof on the Gonzales house.  The house is well built.  It survived the major earthquake of 1952.  It was built before the stock market crash.  Tehachapi was first chartered as a city in 1909.  Soon, this house will be 100 years old.

Before it turns 100, we will move into the house.  First step to help this house is put a new roof on it.  After receiving numerous bids, plans are moving forward to repair the roof before winter sets in here.

Carefully we will move forward with the repair.  Eventually solar panels will be installed on the roof.  Interior walls will be removed and the interior of the structure will be repaired.  The driveway that we closed off earlier this summer will be moved to the back of the property.

Those are long term goals.  The first step is to repair the roof before winter and the wet season gets here.  I’ll give updates as we move forward.  This has nothing to do with the garden.  It does from my perspective.  Part of the benefits of the garden is the increase in living space.

Before we lived mainly in one third of the property.  This summer that was extended to two thirds.  By next summer that will begin to extend another third.

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