Overview of Changes

Originally this is how the yard looked

Original Backyard

This was May 2015.  Now, the spot where I was standing is a corn crop. Below is a photo taken in July 2016.


Yes, it is still desert soil, but it has vegetables growing in it.

We planted grass seed in 2015 and waited.  We built two raised garden beds.  We didn’t do much during 2015 with things.


Last year, we rented a heavy duty tiller and tilled up the soil in the backyard.


The final yard looked like this:


After traveling to visit family in May 2016, we brought back a cutting from a willow tree.  This tree was the impetus for totally converting the backyard into a garden full of mostly edible items.

We planted the willow tree cutting in the middle of the yard.  This was May 2016.


Yep, that is grass.  It’s a start.  The bare area in the top left is due to us removing a tree stump and the use of chemicals to help us get rid of it.  That ground is dead.  It will take time for it to come back to life and  support plant growth.

In the next post I’ll review the willow tree and other changes.

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