Worm factory set up in a spot is the yard with the most shade throughout the day. The four clear plastic containers are to keep the ants from getting to the worms.  They ideally should be kept between 40º and 80º.

That will be a challenge.  A heat wave is coming, starting tomorrow.  So I will be working hard during the afternoons to figure out the best ways to keep them cool.  I have decided a number of different things to try.  Freezing the kitchen scraps, placing a wet burlap bag over the container, freezing sheets of water soaked cardboard and putting it on top of the wet newspaper inside.  Last resort will be placing frozen water bottles inside the tray to cool it off (only on half, so the worms can choose how close to be).  All these options and checking the soil temperature inside the worm factory during the hottest part of the day.

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