Sunflowers & Marigolds & PUMPKINS!

This part of the yard will be sunflowers and marigolds. This past week has been about getting the soil ready in the bed.

The seeds have been sown. This is close to a break for planting. Now the focus will be on cultivating and taking care of what has been planted.

Mornings will be spent giving a visit and overview to everything. During the middle of the day, planning the next planting. Early evenings enjoying the garden.

It’s 100 days until the first frost. Slowly plans for the green house begin to come into focus.  Composting continues, amending the soil, and bringing the soil back to life – all will continue through July into August.

One of the reminders that first frost is coming and when I plant outdoors is this:

The pumpkin seeds have germinated. When I plant outdoors in the soil now I have to think about the growth cycle for the plant. The pumkins should be ready by October 15th.

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