PCT Trail Angel

It hasn’t been long.  Two days now that I think about it.  This past Memorial Day weekend got me to thinking about the house, our goals, and changes we want to make.

The front yard is flourishing.  People stopped by and took photos of the flowers.  Now we have shifted to the back yard. Seeding a lawn is the next step.  Hopefully by next year, the hikers will have a space to crash for a night and do their laundry and get supplies.  Also a nice home cooked meal.

Yesterday I drove out Willow Springs Rd to the trail.  Then it started to click.  I became more active on twitter, drove around town today to try to help hikers shuttle around,  Only once did I drive out and no hikers.  Well, hikers that where headed back into Tehachapi.

I met another trail angel, Jetta Blue.  I asked her for some tips and pointers.  I had sent an email to a hiker named Mac last night.  Along with their input, the discussions with the hikers, I think I will be a better trail angel for the rest of this season.  Jetta Blue did say that there is a big group of hikers headed this way.  I’m glad this has worked out.  I will do my best to try to help out in the coming weeks.

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